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. they lost their loved one early this morning, right here on suitland road, just down the street from where i'm standing. to make matters worse for the family, the person behind the wheel still hasn't been caught. >> i lost my sister. >> reporter: relatives are grieving the loss of tyesha williams. she was 18 years old, the mother of a little boy about to turn two. she died in a car crash in prince georges county early saturday morning. police say the driver left the scene. >> i just want to say if anybody knows the whereabouts of who the driver was, please come forward and alert the authorities. >> reporter: the single car crash happened here at suitland rude and hillmar drive about 1:30 in the morning. relatives say four people were in the car, tyesha, one of the passengers, was ejected. >> she was up here at the grandmother's house of my grandson. her and her friend of hers left out with somebody and i get a call and says she's been in an accident. so i came out here to find out, get some answers of what happened to her. >> reporter: relatives say it appears the car hydro planed on standin
come forward and alert the authorities. >> reporter: the single-car crash happened here at suitland road and hilmar drive in suitland about 1:30 in the morning. relatives say four people were in the car. tiesha, who was one of the passengers, was ejected. >> she was up here at the grandmother's house of my grandson, and her and her daughter -- i mean, a friend of hers left out with somebody and i get a call that says she's been in an accident. so, i came out here to find out and get some answers of what happened to her. >> reporter: relatives say it appears the car hydroplaned on standing water, went airborne and struck a tree. they say there have been other crashes here and they want the county to investigate and correct the problems with this road. >> if you look over there now, you can see there was an accident over there recently. so, i don't know how many accidents in the same zone, but we do know that it has caused tiesha williams' death and we need to deal with that, and the county should deal with fixing in area so no one has to deal with this again. >> reporter: prince geor
and landed on top of her and the driver got out and ran away in suitland on hil-mar drive. >> i think it's heartless. no matter what the situation is you got to be held accountable for her actions. my baby girl was in there and you had no prairied for her and just left her. >> tammy holland -- no regard for her and just left her. >> tammy holland said a neighbor told her many accidents happen in that area. >>> a hit and run vehicle left a woman dead this morning. she has not been identified and police are looking for the driver. you have any information on this hit and run, call prince george's county police. >>> the news edge in maryland now where some lawmakers are pushing for expanded gambling measures. in 2008 voters gave the okay to five casinos and 15,000 slot machines, but so far only two casinos have opened and there's only 2,300 slot machines. legislators proposed opening at least one more casino and table games in the suburban d.c. area. >>> and prince george's county might be on the radar. that's the development that has dozens of community organizations pushing back. 67 churc
is on the loose. the police are canvassing this apartment complex on arnold road in suitland. but>> wow. >> talking with residents about what happened wednesday afternoon. >> i'm kind of scared. we are looking to move. >> i heard yelling. it was loud. >> this girl was home when she heard the cry for help next door. >> i was thinking, like, what is she saying? >> the woman was being beaten and robbed. the authorities say a man knocked on the door, pretending to be a neighbor. when she opened the door, the man forced his way in and a struggle ensued. >> i am 45 years old and i watch my back every day. >> the elderly woman was knocked to the ground and remained on the floor until a neighbor found her 24 hours later. >> i feel like somebody knew it was an elderly person. >> the suspect took $50 from the victim's purse and fled. >> i hope they catch the person who did it. >> the little girl is still shaken. >> i don't feel safe anymore. i>> the police say the victim sustained minor injuries. the police described the suspect as a black male, 20-30 years old, 6 feet tall, with a muscular build
at suitland road in an hilmar drive early sunday and we did saturday morning. one of the passengers named williams died. other passengers stayed at the scene. the driver ran away. >>a 13-year-old barnesville maryland boy who was killed on the weekend after falling from a car had been drinking a beverage four loko. michael became so sick after drinking alcoholic energy drink he had to go up. he opened the car door while the car was moving and fell out. he was struck and killed by an oncoming car. his stepfather was driving the vehicle at the time. >> occupy dc protesters plan to rally today outside to be in solidarity with occupy oakland to pertain the inhumane treatment of prisoners and injustice in the u.s. judicial system, today at noon. >> same-sex marriage, the maryland senate this week is expected to begin debating a same-sex marriage bill. on friday the house of delegates passed a bill legalizing same- sex marriage. that bill is expected to win passage in the senate. gov o'malley says opponents of the issues to go to a referendum -- governor o'malley says he will sign the bill, but
the scene. early saturday along suitland road and hilmar drive. the driver lost control of the car, car flipped over. the victim has been identified as 19-year-old tyesha williams. more on robberies in the district. that makes about two dozen robberies in the was the scene since last monday. the latest was this morning satat 21st street and n. many of the crimes have been armed robbers. early as today morning there was a mugging at 15th street at u. saturday night someone was robbed at 17th and r. >> a close call over california. a small plane and helicopter collided late last night in mid- air. both managed to crash land safely between oakland and sacramento. both pilots suffered minor injuries and are expected to be ok. no word on what caused the collision. new details from the deadly weekend on the slopes in washington state's cascade mountains. two of the three skiers killed in an avalanche spoken about on espn. the region has been hit with heavy snow on the weekends and avalanche warnings were posted. >> new this morning, a team of united nations nuclear inspectors has arrived in i
. no troubles between washington baltimore. on the george washington parkway. suitland parkway is quiet for commuters. back to you. >> thank you. metro is under fire for spending tens of millions of on outside consultants. the examiner reported yesterday agency spentsit nearly $62 million on consultants. passengers say that is too much considering the transit agency a $116 million budget shortfall. everybody has to go outside the box to get things done. by now they are not improving the system. >> metro says the money spent on impact on has no fares and accounts for just a small part of its budget. the transit agency says time since help with metro employees don't have expertise or speed to handle. at 36 degreesing lanham.ning in >> ladies, still trying to find a gift for your man? the gift that is often overlooked. >> china's vice president of overlooked. >> china's vice president of spending is valentine overlooked. >> china's vice president of spendingwheeeeeeeeeeeee! whee! whee! wheeeeeeeee! ah heads up. wheeeeeeeeeeee! everything you love about geico, now mobile.. download the new
involved in a deadly crash this maryland. it happened saturday morning on suitland road. police say the driver lost control. the passenger was thrown from the car. a 19-year-old woman died from her injuries. the driver got out and ran with a after the crash. >>> burglars are causing major problems for one northeast d.c. neighborhood. homeowners in the 300 block of seaton place say there have been at loft sick robberies on their street in the past six months. they say the thieves strike in broad daylight. >>> a small plane and helicopter forced to make an emergency landing after colliding with one another. it happened last night in san francisco in the san francisco bay area. there were two people on the plane. only the pilot was on board the helicopter. both aircrafts landed safely. the two pilots were taken to the hospital with minor injuries. >>> in washington state ache deadly accident on the ski slopes. three expert skiers who ignored an avalanche warning have lost their lives. they were well equipped but skiing out of bounds. putty ann brown has the story. >> reporter: the thre
. no answer at toll's suitland home. we left messages at her office and dropped by in person. a helpful employee couldn't locate tolls and when he inquired with karen campbell from the office of communication, we were told she wasn't available. our repeated calls to her were not returned. >> councilwoman toll serves on several committees, including one that oversees money. did she get special treatment because she is a councilwoman? the traffic violations were captured on the officer's in car camera, but that video is evidence, so it's not being told. >> what about wreckless driving? >> state law doesn't define a particular speed at wreckless driving. there has to be willful disregard for the safety of persons or property or negligent driving. you would argue 105 miles per hour qualifies as wreckless, but again, it was the officer's skegs and the traffic stop is under review by the department. >> follow mitt romney pulled off a two-state sweep. easily won arizona where he was heavily favored and 45 minutes ago, he was declared as a winner. here's a look at the numbers right now with
, is charged with second-degree murder. he is accused of shooting 34- year-old coleman of suitland outside the heritage india restaurant on connecticut avenue. police say a fight broke out at the restaurant and spilled out on to the sidewalk. >> in richmond, the house of delegates has passed a bill that would outlaw all abortions. the rights of persons would apply from the moment sperm and egg unit. the house also passed a bill that would require every woman to have an ultrasound before undergoing an abortion. >>> and in fairfax, a same couple living in anondale applied for a marriage license. now we introduced you to barb and last night at 11:00, their move was largely symbolic. the demonstrators gathered with them, saying they are hoping things will change. >> here we are in 2012. 45 years after the supreme court decided in loving versus virginia that interracial marriage was unconstitutional. here we sit together singing songs and supporting love. >> same sex couples tried to apply for marriage licenses in arlington and richmond. >> maryland's general assembly is wrestling with the
that left someone dead. it happened early yesterday morning on suitland road near hillmar drive. the victim's family says there were plenty of other accidents in the same place. >> on the side of the road, evidence of a terrible accident. family members tell us the vehicle ended up here where there are now balloons. the spot where 1-year-old tiesha williams died. >> the car flipped. >> reporter: tommy is her mom. she said there were four people inside the vehicle at the time of the accident. but her daughter was the only one seriously hurt. she has been told the car was on top of her. what makes it even more difficult to take for the family is that once the car flipped over and she was he ejected, the driver of the car then ran away immediately. >> i think it's horrible. heartless. no matter what the situation is, you got to be held accountable for your actions. my baby girl was in there and you had no regard for her and just left her. >> reporter: but there were neighbors nearby and other drivers that rushed in and helped lift the car off the tiesha but it was too late. tammy says that she
-old son. the car crashed on suitland road. the car flipped over, landing on her and the driver ran away. if you have any information that may help in the case, call prince george's county police. >>> police in prince george's county also searching if a hit and run driver in another accident. a woman was hit early sunday morning on branch avenue near serrat road. the victim has not been identified. >>> still ahead, groundbreaking on a piece of history on the national mall this week. >> but first, whitney houston laid to rest following this weekend's private funeral service. we're back in a moment.  >>> jury deliberation will begin wednesday in the murder trial of george huguely. he was accused in the murder of his ex-girlfriend yeardley love. >>> three expert skiers are dead after an avalanche near a ski resort in washington state. it happened in the cascade mountains northeast of seattle. officials say the victims were three men between the ages of 30 and 40. a fourth skier was a woman. she was swept down the mountain but wasn't seriously injured. it is unclear what caused the a
in suitland saturday morning. she had a little boy who was about to turn 2 years old in the car. the family says williams is one of four passengers in the car when it crashed. police identified the driver, and they're investigating whether speed and alcohol were factors. >>> a man in frederick, maryland, is in jail after police say he tried to take pictures of women in the fitting rooms at a goodwill store. police say dominic williams spangler tried to snap photos of the women under the stalls of the dressing rooms. an officer tracked down spangler after getting a description of him from people at the store on willowdale drive. spangler is also facing charges for allegedly pushing a woman walking on the sidewalk while he was trying to get away. >>> d.c. police are still working to determine the cause of death and identify a woman pulled from the potomac river. her body was found in the c & o canal behind the swedish nebraska embassy. >>> you may have noticed that gasoline prices are the highest this time of year. blame higher oil prices. experts believe we could pay a record $4.25 a gallon
the backboard kevin durant. suitland native led the west with 36 points. he was named all-star mvp. later third quarter durant with the steal ahead to kobe bryant. and with this dunk he passes michael jordan as the all-time leading scorer in all-star game history. the west beats the east 152-149. at the nfl combine robert griffin iii decided not to throw, but he did run, and he ran fast. the heisman trophy winner posted a 4.38 40-yard dash. but his official time is 4.41. the fastest 40-yard dash by a quarterback at this year's combine. third fastest qb since 2000. >>> and coming up on "sports final," dan hellie catches up with john wall during all-star weekend. the smallest member of the maryland women's hoop team has a huge impact. plus fans here remembering rory mcilroy from his win at congressional. and today he had a shot at the number one world ranking playing hunter mahan. we'll show you that on "sports final" coming up in a few minutes. >> looking forward to it. thanks. >>> and coming up ever this if you want less, you can always have less, but i like having a lot more a lot more than ha
chief sending out a message overnight asking for prayers for family in suitland maryland, after two children were pulled from a burning home. it's friday morning, 17. i am steve chenevey. >> i am cynne simpson. glad you are waking up with us. we begin with traffic and weather. adam caskey has a first check on the forecast. a lot of fog. >> from fairfax arlington d.c. prince george county and points south is where we have the dense fog advisory until 6:00 a.m. visibility down to a quarter mile less. leesburg is getting a sprinkle nancy luckie it's a long 15 and along 7 west of leesburg, a quick sprinkle. the big story in the deadline is fog. it's 40 give or take around metro. you will notice gusty wind up to and in excess of 20 miles an hour at times. high temperature in the low to mid 50's today. partly cloudy tomorrow, 53 degrees, pleasant. looks more likely that we will be affected by the system on sunday, a postal system that is developing. we have a good chance of seeing rain and snow with more snow than rain. question is how much could we see as we go into sunday? i do think a
will do it forecast wise. 52 degrees for a high and remington, virginia. 51 degrees right now and suitland. 50 degrees and the district right now. tomorrow will be in the 50's but a different look for the day. we will see a steady drop in temperatures. winds will turn to the northwest. that will bring drier air. skies will start to clear overnight and we will wake up to temperatures between 32 and 38 degrees. temperatures are cool and this system moving in. all the cold air is locked up over canada and alaska. it will not consult any time soon. what we will see are cloudy skies moving on overnight. it will be a pretty good day here. we will have sunshine and temperatures into the 50's. as we get through the weekend -- sunshine in the morning with a few clouds. 50 degrees. temperatures will climb into the lower 50's in the afternoon. right before you know it, and another system comes an end on thursday with clouds and showers. it will clear back out on friday. getting to the weekend, partly cloudy and pleasant on saturday. it looks like we will get back to sunshine on president's day. >> st
afternoon in suitland. the victim was left lying in her own blood until her neighbor found her the next day. >> when a male knocked on her door posing as a neighbor, she answered the door. the male entered her apartment and physically assaulted her. >> police went through the complex tonight warning residents about the danger searching for witnesses. so far investigators only have a vague description of the attacker. >>> the news edge on virginia tonight, messages of hate in a quiet community. vandals in warrenton left a disturbing trail of graffiti this week and neighbors are worried for their safety. fox 5's roz plater in the newsroom. >> it was an unspeakable deed leaving the community on edge. tonight they are leaving the lights on in warrenton, some even considering surveillance cameras. reporter: the graffiti was racist, antisemitic, vulgar, some too disturbing for tv all splashed onto cars, homes and businesses in wash renton. this man's home was target -- in warrenton. this man's home was targeted and it was so frightening he wants to protect his family's identity. >> it's shocking
bennett is the man who robbed a person in suitland, maryland last week for a pair of their nike sneak erption. the release of the rare sneakers caused quite a commotion around the country. managers of the foot locker called off the sale because there were -- they were concerned about court. >>> -- about security. >>> here is a look at some other things making news now. classes are canceled at a suburban cleveland, ohio school after a teenager opened fire on a group of students. the gunman who was not a student at the school shot five students in the cafeteria yesterday morning. one of the victims died. the alleged shooter is in custody. >>> a 12-year-old texas boy is in custody accused of pointing a loaded gun at a classmate while standing in a lunch line. he was upset about comments another student made about a female classmate. two coaches stepped in and held the boy till deputies got to the school. he's expected to be charged with aggravated assault. >>> liberty airport is back open this morning shut down for an hour monday night after a united airlines jet from atlanta to newark m
are in for a slow go there as well. silver hill road before you reach the suitland parkway, ongoing utility work is tying up the right side of the highway. no problems to report at the wilson bridge. live shot of 66 coming inbound headed towards 123, heavy slow and steady, that's how she rolls headed for the beltway. hl that's a check of your fox 5 on-timetraffic. ic. >>> the latest now from the campaign trail actually new poll shows president obama would beat any of the republicans currently in the race. the "new york times" and cbs news poll finds the president's re-election chances improving in head to head match-ups. he beats mitt romney 48% to 42%. rick santorum, 49 to 41%. it shows the president trouncing newt gingrich 54 to 36%. but even more concerning for republicans, the new poll finds that independents favor obama 46 to 37% over mitt romney. >>> presidential hopeful rick santorum has released his tax returns. they cover from 2007 to 2010 and show a steady rise in personal wealth. santorum made $660,000 in 2007. he spiked in twoip with $1.1 million. then he made more than $900,000 in 2
from the car she was riding in when it crashed on suitland road. her mother says she was told after her daughter was thrown the car flipped and landed on top of her. the driver got out and ran away. away. >>> some whitney houston fans voicing some frustration with this weekend's memorial service. we'll plain that coming up. >>> a tragic scene on the ski slopes. the latest on a deadly avalanche. stay with us. q my mom knows food magic. it's like so crunchy. it has crunchy stuff all over it. i can't get over how crunchy it is. it's like chicken and crunchy stuff got married and it's amazing! what they mean is, it's french's french fried onions in my crunchy onion chicken. just minutes to make, then bake! french's french fried onions. the difference is indescribable. available in the french's stay-fresh can. >>> three expert skiers are dead after an avalanche near a ski resort in washington. this happened in the cascade mountains northeast of seattle. officials say the victims were three men between the ages of 30 and 40. a fourth skier was not seriously injured. >>> a sma
? >> thanks very much. we will take a break and come back to >>> traveling 295 southbound, suitland parkway have disabled vehicle blocking left lane. slow northbound at the naval research lab. 15 miles per hour as you head northbound at suitland parkway. and slow i-270 from shady grove as you make your way to the beltway. >> thanks very much. we will have another news update >>> 8:00 now on a thursday morning, it's the 9th day of february, 2012. and we have stepped outside to join our new friends who are gathered in our corner of rockefeller plaza. we're glad to have them here. and it seems to be warming up slightly. i'm ann curry, along with matt lauer and al roker. coming up next, we'll be hearing in a live interview with mimi alford, she claimed she had an 18-month affair when she was a 19-year-old white house intern. and she's here to speak in her first live interview about the relationship that she said she had with president kennedy. and also about his darker side. matt? >>> also ahead, who here is actively trying to save for retirement? a couple of people? you may think you're doing
never give their pets a chance. >> how many there? >> at this apartment complex in suitland the former tenants left behind a bed, liquor bottles, and two pit bulls. it is illegal to own pit bulls in prince george's county. they end up here in a holding pen full of other seized and abandoned animals. the cold reality? most will be euthanized. >> we have to sometimes euthanize animals and that is what we dread doing. >> reporter: chief taylor makes no bones about it. in the past year more than 7,000 animals were euthanized up 15% from the previous year. >> we want to make this shelter a dumping ground and the outcome isables get euthanized and we take on all the guilt. we need to change that. >> reporter: he recently recruited a nonprofit to spay and neuter not only shelter animals but privately owned pets. >> you want to decrease the number so you don't have to euthanize on the back end. >> reporter: but some animals don't have that option. roberts says feral cats are often the sickest animals she sees like this one with a broken paw and bad burns from a car engine he hid in to stay war
aep's ab. a clear sky from adams-morgan to suitland and largo. merrifield as well as bailey's crossroads and laytonsville. locations in the 30s and 40s. reagan national at 43. mid 40s near the bay waters. above freezing in west virginia, as well. there's the view from space. a big, clear sky thanks to high pressure off to the west and north. that area of high pressure will be over us through the rest of the day, giving us plenty of sunshine. temperatures at noon climbing to around 50 or so. it may hit the mid to upper 50s by mid-afternoon. then sun sets at 5:59. chilly tonight as we get winds shifting into the southeast. we'll have increasing clouds, down to near 40 by midnight. looks like a wet day tomorrow. details on that, a look at the week and weekend in ten minutes. danella, how's traffic? >>> good morning. if you're traveling around the beltway, travel speeds look really good. inner loop at branch avenue, 61 miles per hour. also on the inner loop, this time heading toward route 50, you're at 64 miles per hour. taking the outer loop past georgia avenue, a cool 63 miles
parks -- for the movement and our national parks. back to you. >> thank you. >>> an elderly suitland, maryland woman is recovering after being assaulted this weekend. the 84-year-old woman was robbed and attacked in her home wednesday on arnold road but she wasn't found until thursday when a neighbor noticed the victim's door was open. the victim told police a man knocked on her door pretending to be a neighbor. he forced his way inside, took some items in the home and then physically assaulted her. >>> 5:35. time for another your money report. >> jessica doyle is back with some more consumer news good good morning. $4 gallon gasoline. >> good times. >> it's right around the corner unfortunately according to the experts. higher prices are coming on fast. prices at the pump expected to spike 60 cents or more by may. they were already up 19 cent as gallon in the past four weeks alone hitting a national average of $3.48 a gallon. that is 37 cents more than this time last year. it's 81 cents more than 2010. our partners at "u.s.a. today" report that renewed tensions in the middle east ar
in suitland early saturday morning. she was the mother of a young boy who was about to turn 2 years old. the family says williams was one of four passengers in the car when it crashed. police identified the driver, and they're investigating whether speed and alcohol were factors. >>> even though schools are closed for the president's day holiday, one school in prince william county is working to clean up after a norovirus outbreak. crews used bleach to clean henderson elementary school over the weekend. the case involves sicklings of previously infect -- siblings of previously infected students. the virginia health department officials say if your child experiences any symptoms, keep him or her host at least 24 hours after the symptoms ended before sending your child back to class. >>> 5:37. 37 degrees outside. several controversial social issues have been in the spotlight at virginia's capitol this session. now voters are weighing in on lawmakers' action so far. >>> plus, it promises a caffeine jolt. but is it safe? today my journey continues across the golden state, where everyone has
in the roadway. taking away both left turn lanes, follow police direction in the area. westbound suitland parkway at 1st sterling avenue, an accident there. >>> another news update in 25 minutes. >>> 8:00 now on a friday morning, the 3rd day of february 2012. huge crowd gathered in indianapolis, getting ready for super bowl xlvi this coming sunday. there are two of the key players in the matchup, ann curry and al roker with some of the new england patriots cheerleaders out there. by the way, if you're a giants fan don't think we're slighting the giants. they are one of the few teams in the nfl without a cheerleading squad. meanwhile, a lot to get to out there. looks exciting and i'm impressed by the crowd you've drawn. >> amazing. huge, fantastic crowd. >> we have been estimating how big the crowd might be. matt, we think at least -- >> a million people. >> we think it's actually more than that. not quite a million. >> almost a million. >> but we have a big crowd. we are very excited about the cheerleaders being here. don't you wish you were here, matt. coming up, we'll be talking about madonna.
Search Results 0 to 26 of about 27 (some duplicates have been removed)